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November 2011 Weddings

Long vent – not my wedding though

I’m in my fiancé’s best friends wedding this weekend & I’m truly not looking forward to it at all – in fact, everyone concerned & participating in it will be happy when it’s over.

My vent – they got engaged late April & decided that they wanted to get married ASAP. Now you would think with that time frame they would jump on the bandwagon & start planning it, right – WELL THEY DIDN’T. 

The grooms SIL did all the research on locations here in NJ as well as info on destination weddings, completed an excel document with all the costs, what’s included, etc. She spent many hours on this trying to push them to make a decision but did they even thank her, NO, the bride then went & booked somewhere else for twice the cost per person than what was researched & then complained about the cost.

The bride asked me to be in the wedding party even though I’ve only known her about a year, I said that if she didn’t have a good friend I would gladly take a spot. I found out later that she & the groom where bitching about why I was second guessing my decision to be in the wedding party & what was wrong with me. Now a little bit of background on the bride: this is her third wedding & the only reason she asked me to be in the wedding party was because her best friend of 24 years said she wouldn’t because she shouldn’t be marrying this guy (he’s an alcoholic) & especially since she has a 6 yr old son & this won’t be good for him – guess I’m second choice.

Both also complained that no one was doing anything for them – let me see, they never registered so they couldn’t have a shower & that’s our fault – NOT! Guess that will happen after the wedding.

Well anyway, we went bridesmaid shopping in late July & was told that we could wear any dress we liked as long as it was in a specific color, well that went out the window & I’m wearing a strapless monstrosity that I will never wear again, it was picked up last night & I hate it.

Yesterday the bride told us that she never made our make-up appts, which we confirmed with her 2.5 wks ago that we wanted with her airbrush artist. Well now she can’t do us & we were regulated to a regular make-up person, I declined with my reasoning that I can do my own make-up for no cost & only wanted airbrushing!

Last week we had her bachelorette party at a spa which was nice but nothing special. Myself & another bridesmaid did that because her MOH didn’t want to do anything.  

The best man & the groom attacked each other a few weekends ago in front of family & friends (because the best man told the bride that she was too good for his brother, the groom), & then the BM was quilted into giving him a bachelor party because the groom is the baby & their mother was pissed. Now she’s not pissed that her youngest son is an alcoholic, or that he moved is fiancé & her son into her house, that he doesn’t pay rent & drinks & argues every night – no she’s pissed because he wasn’t going to get a party for his wedding. So they took him fishing & there was no alcohol.

Every one  is giving this marriage just months before it blows up but it’s funny the bride made a comment that she told the groom that she wasn’t ever going to get a divorce so who the hell knows.

The bride is also pissed that her parents, who are both retired & live out of state aren’t contributing to the wedding – guess she doesn’t realize that they don’t know if it will survive & they paid for the other 2 – she’s only 34!

Oh, & they want kids right away & their wedding song is the same as his elder’s brother’s wedding song, the bride is also jealous that her FSIL is having a baby & it’s a boy – she wanted to have the 1st one in the family. I can’t take much more this – Sunday better come fast.

And the icing on the cake – I noticed last night while trying on the hideous dress that my shoe buckle is broken on these silver shoes that I HAD TO BUY to wear with the dress & now I have to get them fixed (fingers crossed) today or buy a new pair.

I’m sick & tired about their complaining & the whole planning of this thing & just want it to be over. The only thing I’m looking forward to is dancing with my wedding partner, my fiancé & seeing what not to do at a wedding for my own – I already have a list, lol.

Sorry about the long vent.

Re: Long vent – not my wedding though

  • Holy cow what a bridezilla!!! She doesn't sound ready for marriage, let alone a third one, I guess that really says a lot about her! Luckily for you, it's almost over, just take the high road and grin and bear it. GL!
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  • YIKES - ok so I'm having trouble finding a venue  - but this makes my issues look small!
    Feel for ya - hope everyone gets through Sunday without too many hard feelings or resentment!
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