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MIA and Another minimoon trip- long

Hello girls. I've missed you all! It's been a crazy few weeks!

To start with, my MIL went into the hospital two weeks ago because of a massive heart attack.  The widow maker if you're a man.  She had a stint put in two years ago and it was being squeezed by her artery coupled with a plavix resistance which led to said artery being blocked causing heart attack.  They sedated her and cooled her down to prevent brain damage and then warmed her back up.  It was a long three days.  A lot of tears and lack of sleep ensued. She woke up and it took her another three long days to come around completely.  They decided to put in a pacemaker/defibrulator and- good news- she's feeling great! She's sore from everything but she said she's already feeling better. Her only mental issue is she's having short term memory loss sometimes. Thank God. It will be a long road to recovery- perhaps even complete with open heart surgery- but she's going to be ok.

We went to Vegas for four days for another minimoon trip after my MIL woke up and squeezed our hands. She also smiled at us and was really responsive.  That's what H was waiting for before we decided to go.  We came home with as much money as we left to gamble with- win! The trip was only ok.  We were exhausted and still really stressed but it was better than my first (and only other) trip to Vegas where I got the flu the second day I was there. Traveling to and from there was horrible. Delays, horrible turbulance- like our feet were lifted off the floor of the plane from the dips in turbulance. 

And onto the entertainment portion..
So my parents offered up our guest room to my aunt and uncle because their house is being reno'd right now.  That's all fine and good except, while trapped in an airport not even sure if we're going to make it home that evening, my dad calls and asks if my aunt can bring her TWO dogs to our house with our dog who we've never seen with other dogs and we weren't even going to be home when they met.  Um hell to the no. Times a thousand after my aunt later admitted her dogs shot records were not up to date.  Well the dogs were in my parents' sunroom and at 2am they started barking.  My dad called my aunt and uncle and told them they had to come get their dogs.. They did and LEFT TOWN with no note or phone call or anything until 3pm the next day.  They left their 16 year old daughter here at my sisters' house while they went home to Chicago and when they finally got a hold of my dad they weren't sure if they were coming for Easter dinner.  Ummm WTF?  They eventually did show back up for their kid.. but holy crap- crazy. My poor cousin

That's all that's going on right now for the most part.  H and I are still severely lacking sleep, but I'm glad to be back! :)

Thanks if you read all this. It's super long, sorry.
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