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November 2011 Weddings


As promised, here are some photos from my cousin's camoflauge-themed wedding!

The wedding was way up in northern Wisconsin, and I was actually surprised at how well it was all put together, considering the theme. Alas the theme is still NMS, but still better than expected. The ceremony was on her husband's family farm, and we had to take a hay ride, pulled by a tractor, out to the ceremony site, which was a big open field/hill and that was pretty. What was not pretty was avoiding "cow pies" while walking in heels to get onto the hay ride. 

The ceremony was nice, my other cousins' kids were the ring bearers, so there were 3, and all walked together wearing camo shorts and orange polo shirts. My cousin pulled up with her dad on a horse-drawn carriage, which was pretty cool. Short and sweet ceremony, and their officiant was a funny guy.

When it came to reception, we had to drive another 15 miles down the winding road, and the address was for a bar, and though the American Legion hall was across the street, we stuck to the invitation address and went into the bar. We were sooo confused, and even the bartender asked if we were part of the wedding, so we were even more confused because we thought the reception was there. But we decided to go across the street, and good thing, because that's where the reception actually was!

Tables were set up as long rows with seating on both sides, and the only assigned seats were the immediate family. So we had to figure out where to sit, which kinda sucked IMO. The head table was on a built-in stage, and was decorated with camo-mesh, so it looked like a bunker. The table centerpieces were nice, and I know she made those herself. Dinner was a buffet, and the food was good. There was no official bartender, it seemed like a couple of their friends alternated who was helping with the bar. 

After dinner, and cake (which they smeared all over each other's faces!), and then there was like 30 minuets of down time between that, clearing the front couple of tables and breaking them down so the dance floor would be bigger. We helped with the breakdown. The first dance was "I do (Cherish You)" by Mark Willis, then the bridal party did a dance.... to "Cotton Eyed Joe"!!! That was pretty amazing. I took a video of that, I'm not sure if I can post that here, but I'll try to get it up on our facebook group.

Here's the link to the pro-pics that were available so far, I'm sure there will be lots more!

Nov 2011 Brides - Fav Cocktail
Pomegranate Margarita
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