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November 2011 Weddings


lol.  I was gone for a week long trip w/out internet. It was painful. But i came back to see a few new faces sooo i think it's about time to do one of these. I'll be checking back everyday to this board so we can keep the ball rolling.

So, tell me about all you lovely ladies.. .

1. Your name (or what you like to be called)?

2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)?

3. Your Wedding Date?

4. Your hometown?

5. Your wedding colors/theme?

6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?


  • I'll go first

    1. Imani

    2. Nate (or "The Johnson" lol)

    3. Lucky 11/11/11

    4. The "Burgh" haha

    5. Black, gold, silver, and midnight blue. The theme is "wedding wishes and city dreams". A classic white ceremony with a funky city feel reception.

    6. FLOWERS!!! What the heck is a baby's breath???

    your turn... :D

  • 1. i'm sarah!

    2. matt.

    3. 11/11/11

    4. los angeles, ca

    5. black and red are our colors, and we're having a dinosaur wedding.  because we're geeky like that.

    6.  apparently, etiquette.  who knew that so many things i've seen at other weddings could be considered tacky??  LOL.
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    Hi sarah!!! i think i already told you that i loved your theme. And ettiquette i think is really hard for alot of people but tacky is a matter of opinion. We can try and help eachother out with ettiquette throughout the planning process :)
  • edited November 2009
    This was a good idea! :)

    1. Your name (or what you like to be called)? Annie.

    2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)? Everybody calls him Bubba.

    3. Your Wedding Date? 11/11/11 

    4. Your hometown? San Diego, CA 

    5. Your wedding colors/theme? Our colors are Purple & Silver. FI plays baseball, so hopefully we can incorporate some "baseball stuff" in our reception.

    6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?Centerpieces. It's one of the only things I have no inspiration for yet! 
  • 1.Clarissa his family calls me Clair (he calls me Clair Bear)

    2. Thomas or Tom or Tommy Boy

    3.  11/11/11 

    4. Driggs, ID

    5. Blue/Green and no theme yet

    6. soooooo many things......

    just so you all know im young....will be 18 soon. I know everyone says Im to young to know what love it but I can reasure you that I know A LOT and have been through a lot. He is my future and I cant imagine life without him :)

    Nice to meet you all!!!
  • Hey girls!

    Annie- I love purple. it's my favorite color. My FI loves baseball too. He played in college. But his favorite sport to watch is football and he is in love with the steelers. So thats why i'm trying to incorperate black and gold in the color scheme. So props to you for putting your future hubby's style in your plans :)

    Clarissa- Don't stress about the young thing. I'm young too. 19 now, will be 21 by the wedding. So i'm constantly hearing things about my age as well. Only you know what is best for you. And if you make any mistakes, they are yours to make. Its really not anyone's business. So congrats to finding love young :D
  • Imani,

    I love that you love purple! haha thats cute how you are incorporating Steelers colors in your theme. thats awesome!

     I thought that I was a young bride.. [I'll be  23 on my wedding day]....I think that age is nothing but a number...as long as you act mature and think wisely about the decisions you make, it's all good!

    Looking forward to chatting with you ladies more on this wedding planning ride! :)
  • it's lovely to "meet" you ladies!  i wouldn't worry about age at all.  it's no one's business but yours, and i don't think that love has an age, you know?

    p.s. annie, i LOVE your signature pic.  so cute!
  • awesome. we are starting to really get some activity on here. And i'm so glad none of you girls are grammer obsessed. Looks like when this board gets popular, it will be a fun one :)
  • thank you sarah :) its definitely one of my favorite pictures!

  • yay!!!! finally other girls. i have been running far away from my computer lately and i feel so behind now lol. last time i was here it was just 2 of us talkin back and forth :)

    1. Your name (or what you like to be called)? Dorie, no not short for antyhing.

    2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)Kevin.

    3. Your Wedding Date?11/11/2011

    4. Your hometown?Fort Worth, TX

    5. Your wedding colors/theme?It is a vine yard theme. my location has over 200 oak trees and our colors are green and brown. we are playing up oak and wine as much as possible for our late fall wedding!

    6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?
    one thing i know LEAST about.. FLOWERS! UGH
  • I'm New to this game so please bear with me.

    1. Your name (or what you like to be called)?

    2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)

    3. Your Wedding Date?
    I think i might just be the only one not getting married on the 11th, haha, 11/5/11

    4. Your hometown?
    Johnson City, TN

    5. Your wedding colors/theme?
    We are planning on having our ceremony at my family acreage
    the middle of a park/wooded area. So red/orange/yellow tones. We also are wanting to bring about an old world elegance to our reception.

    6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?
    Fashion, absolutely NOT my thing!

    To Clarissa, I am only about 2 weeks away from being 18. And Mark won't be legal till May. I totally understand where you are coming from.

    Nice to meet you all. (:
  • Hi girls!

    1. Your name (or what you like to be called)? Samantha (most people call me Sam, or Sammy Sue)

    2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)? Alex

    3. Your Wedding Date? 11/11/11!

    4. Your hometown? Cincinnati, OH

    5. Your wedding colors/theme? I'm still torn. We're doing a fall theme... and I'm leaning towards orange, chocolate brown, and ivory. But lately I'm really liking the look of the dark purple and brown together.

    6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?  I guess I'll say ettiquette also... but that's probably because that's what I care the least about. lol
  • :] we just set our date!!

    1. i'm angela

    2. he's keith

    3. 11/5/11

    4. i'm a 'burgh girl too!

    5. we're going with black and white, and accenting with red, because it's our favorite color :]

    6. i'm going with etiquette because i keep hearing about things that are "unnecessary" and then that the very same things are essential!
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  • Hi Girls!!!
    I've been waiting sooo long to post on here when there were more than 2 people lol!!
    Congrats to you all! 
    1. Your name (or what you like to be called)? 

    2. Your FI name (or what you like to call him... lol!)? 
    Matt "sweets"

    3. Your Wedding Date?
    4. Your hometown?
    Manning, SC 

    5. Your wedding colors/theme?

    "Carolina" Blue & Brown with hot pink accents
    6. Whats the one wedding thing you know least about?
    I have yet to realize this yet haha I guess etiquette like most of you- I don;t really care what is "appropriate" I want to do what I want and if others have a problem with that oh well they aren't paying for it lol!

    And to all of you that are younger, don't feel bad, I was 18 when FH proposed and i will be 21 when we wed. Not everyone was exactly thrilled with it, but like others have said love has no age! Plus Matt is 25 and will be 27 when we wed so if we want to have kids someday we gotta get married soon!!!
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    1. My name is Hayley

    2. His name is Blake

    3.we're getting married 26th November 2011

    4. i live in Leeds, UK

    5. My theme is Enchanted forest/winter woodland- we're getting married in a log cabin hotel so the colours are sage green, choc brown and ivory to complement the venue.

    6. i dont really know how to write vows

    There are so many of you getting married on the 11th, is it a special date in America- apart from remberence day? x
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