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I was sitting at the kitchen table working on a lesson plan when I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye - a mouse!  I flipped the fuuuuck out, screeching, hyperventilating, standing on my chair.  H came running downstairs to see what was wrong.  I immediately called the landlord and he is coming over after work to set a trap.  He says field mice are pretty common in this area (urban sprawl and all that). 

I hate the idea of the trap and just hope it is humane - he says they will catch it alive and release it somewhere.  Neither of us will be home when he comes.

Shudder.  I have an irrational fear of mice.
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Re: Eeeeeeek!!!

  • eek!!

    You are nicer than me. We had a couple mice get into the house growing up, we set traps with peanut butter, but they killed the mice. Didn't want to chance them coming back.

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  • I'm not *too* troubled by mice but I do scream and get grossed out.

    When I was little I heard one in my room, I refused to sleep in it for mom didn't believe me landed on her head when she was in the pantry!  lol...classic times.
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  • I'd rather have mice than scorpions, lol.  We don't get either at our house, but my aunt & uncle used to get scorpions pretty bad when they still had a fruit orchard behind their house.
  • Oh my gosh, i know if i had scorpions in my house i would just drop dead.
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  • Scorpions are a deal breaker. I would up and move. We did the peanut butter thing when I was growing up too for mice, but I never saw the results...hmm....I would definitely get humane traps.
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