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Antigua or St. Lucia?

Hello Everyone--My FI and I have been feverishly searching through thousands of websites to find a location for our June honeymoon.  We have narrowed it down to the Caribbean and we think to Antigua or St. Lucia. (However,other all inclusive island resort recommendations welcome!).  Everytime I find a resort that looks wonderful I look on trip advisor and there is so much critisim.  I know that not everyone will ever be happy with a vacation spot but when there are things mentioned about holey bedding, shotty security or subpar food---it freaks me out.  My fear is that we spend a signficant amount of money and find ourselves in a place that is totally different from it's advertised web site/brochures.  Any personal recommendations of resorts/trips would be great!  We have been ideally looking at resorts outside of the Sandals realm--although some of the combination trips with a boutique hotel then a Sandals sound like the best of both worlds.  Thanks!!

Re: Antigua or St. Lucia?

  • FI and I just made the decision to go to Sandals Antigua this week.  We were also looking at St. Lucia but what made the decision for me was the distance from the airport to the actual resort.  St. Lucia would be an hour and a half drive or a $170 (I think) helicopter ride.  The drive from the Antigua airport to the resort is only 15 minutes.

    As for the reviews on trip advisor, I'm just trying to ignore them.  Anywhere you go there will be negative and positive reviews.  I searched the knot for any Antigua reviews and the majority that I read were really positive.  So I'm planning to stick with that knowledge and can't wait to be laying on a beach.

  • We were in Antigua in January and had a great time.  One of the things to consider is the number of excursions and activities in each place - assuming you don't want to spend every single day laying on the beach.  We've never been to St. Lucia, so I can't personally comment on activities there, but just the general feeling I get from reviews on this board and Trip Advisor is that there's more to do off the resorts in St. Lucia.  Antigua is a TINY island (I think 11 x 14 miles), so there's not a whole awful lot going on there.  They offer excursions to go swim with stingrays, and there are some cool hiking and overlook spots, but not nearly as many activities as other islands we've visited.

  • We had plenty of things to do in Antigua, and we are not lay on the beach all day people. We took a shopping trip to St Johns one day because the weather was a little icky, we did a circumnavigation boat tour around the entire island, which included stops at stingray city and snorkeling off deserted beaches. We also went on a zip line tour one day. The other days, we went snorkeling.
  • I have been to Antigua and St. Lucia. I was just at the Sandals in St. Lucia in November. We had a great time. The sandals in St. Lucia is really nice because there are three different locations. You can go to the other two locations for dinner. My only recommendation would be to stay at the Grande or the Halcyon not the Regency. The Regency was very nice but the other two locations where a little more intimate. I was only in Antigua for a day because we had gone there on a cruise. It was really nice being able to go to the different resorts on the same island. They have transportation to each resort. You can go spend the day at a different location or you can just go there for dinner. In Antigua there is only one resort so you are limited a little. Good Luck
  • MY FI and I decided on Sandals Antigua...going there in March for our honeymoon...can't wait!
    But right after I booked, I started getting freaked out with the reviews on trip advisor.  I do think that everyone says the rooms are better in the mediterranean section, so that is where we booked.  I hope its as wonderful as I am hoping, and I will post a review afterwards!!
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