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Summer Wedding Related Projects

Hey everyone! I'm almost done with school (and should be writing a business plan right now), and I'm dreaming about my summer projects for the wedding. Since I'm a full-time student, I can't do much during the school year. I'm hoping to:

-find a cake recipe and frosting recipe that are amazing and decide how to decorate the cake
-make two paloma's nest ring holders (they are adorable!!)
-decide on flowers
-decide on centerpieces
-practice making bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces
-go through "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey with my fiance (even if we only learn a little, it's better than nothing)
-go apartment looking and see what our options are
-decide on invitations and make them (not send them)
-complete premarital counseling (FMIL's requirement)
-have engagement pics taken
-complete and update registries (FI is gone throughout school year)

I think that's all. Quite a lot, but spread out over the summer, it should be fun. I also need to find a job. Busy, busy!

What are you up to???
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Re: Summer Wedding Related Projects

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    My oh my you are doing a lot of DIY projects! I wish I was that motivated or talented! It sounds like you have a very busy summer ahead of you :] This summer I hope to:

    * Find a cake baker.
    * Visit my venue to see it in full bloom like it will be for our wedding.
    * Decide on centerpieces (if I'm using their's or having my florist do them).
    * Get my save the dates ordered and sent out, probably after Labor Day?
    * Decide on Bridesmaid dresses.

    I'm sure there are a million other things that will come up along the way, but those are the ones that I can think of right now!
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    I made our invitations at my parents

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    I'm looking forward to summer wedding projects too! I just locked up a really exciting job and now look forward to:

    -going to see our venue with the flowers in full bloom and to get an idea of what the heat may be like.
    -have our engagement pictures taken
    -start checking out vendors who do the photo-magnet STDs
    -start looking at flowers
    -order invitation samples

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    Hopefully finding all the vendors (officiant, DJ, florist, photog)
    working on wedding programs (obviously will spill over into the fall/winter months)
    select bridesmaids' dress
    ordering my STDs this month!! and sending in july
    getting centerpiece ideas
    find wedding shoes

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    Summer to do list:

    -make invites
    -finish STDs
    -make centerpieces
    -make boutineers
    -engagement pics
    -tears of joy packers
    -decide on bridesmaid dresses
    -find officiant, baker and florist
    -finish registering at the end of summer
    -escort cards (just make but add names when final RSVP comes in)

    and I'm sure I'll find a few others along the way!
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    You guys are busy too!! Thanks for the reminder, AllyG, I need to find my shoes as well. I'm so close in height to FI that I don't want to wear high heels, but if I wear flats, my dress drags in the front a bit too much (a disaster waiting to happen!). I need the perfect height of heel. Also still undecided on the color, too. hmm....

    I've also got to find a couple of bridesmaid dresses. My MOH and I have already gone shopping once. I'm still considering adding another bridesmaid, but I'm not sure yet.
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    Summer list:

    -Find baker & florist
    -check out STD's and Send them out, end of Sept.
    -Start looking at bridesmaid dresses, make appointment.
    -Start looking at invites and order samples
    -Look into buying wedding shoes
    -start thinking about gifts for attendants
    -look into what transportation and book them
    -Get engagment pic's done
    -Figure out what centerpieces and favors

    I think that is it for now. Probably the list will add up as time comes. I am so excited!! :)
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