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November 2011 Weddings

Confession Thrusday

Confession: I have no idea how we're going to get the money together to have the kind of wedding I want

Re: Confession Thrusday

  • its really hard isnt it.

    here's what we've been doing-
    packed lunches, no buying lunch at the shop/cafe etc
    reduced take aways/eating out
    switch to non brand beauty products
    hugely reduced clothes and shoe shopping
    swapped nights out for nights in with friends- dinner/drinks in/ bbq's etc
    am looking at swapping my car for one that is cheaper on fuel and tax
    no holidays next year
    asking for money for birthday and xmas.

    also look at what you can do to save on the stuff for your wedding- make your stationary, buy your rings online and look for a cheaper metal, make your own centrepieces etc x
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  • Confession: I've actually considered selling my eggs (and I'm not talking breakfast food) to afford the wedding I want.

    Sad but true. I just keep thinking that I really want my food to be amazing, but I can barely afford mediocre :(

  • it's SO HARD.  i feel like once we really get a chunk saved, someone's car dies...or BOTH, as happened recently!

    we're definitely asking for money for christmas and birthdays, and i'm cutting back a lot on shopping.  i think the lessons on frugality will pay off in the future, but i really miss my target shopping sprees!
  • Confession: I have no idea how we're going to afford our wedding OR our honeymoon, either. I've done everything I can to lower the cost from printing our own invites/save the dates, buying bulk flora and doing my own bouquet/centerpieces/etc, doing my own make up, to drasticly cutting the guest list (from 100 people to 50) and STILL the cost doesnt seem low enough.

    But to be completely honest.....sometimes I don't care on the cost, because at the end of the day I'd rather be a little bit in the red than regretting not having the wedding we wanted.
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