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Baltimore, MD Recs

Hey ladies!
H and I are preparing to go on our honeymoon cruise in March. It's almost here...yay! We are sailing out of Baltimore, MD, and I was wondering if any of you have been there and can reccomend a good place to eat dinner and a nice hotel to stay in for one night? Also, what are some fun things to do for the evening that we will be there? We are going to be there March 17, and I would like to do something fun that evening. Any reccomendations?
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Re: Baltimore, MD Recs

  • H is from there, I love that city!!!!!

    McCormick and Schmidts is a great place to eat, its located in Harbor Place down town. There is also a Hard Rock if you prefer somehting like that, as well as lots of small bars and clubs within walking distance. Baha Beach Club you might find some celebrities there. 

    Fells Point is great if you want a local feel of the town, there is more of a college crown there, but plenty of bars. Canton Square is a nice area to walk around, there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the area.

    Just walking down by the water is nice, it is very beautiful there. Lots to see! Be sure to have a light jacket, it will still be cool in the evening.

    Hope this helps a little, sorry I can help much with hotels. We stay with family when we go. Hope you have a great honeymoon!
  • Thanks for the advice. I have always been curious about Baltimore, I don't know why, so I am psyched to go! It looks like a gorgeous place.
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