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November 2011 Weddings

TK Posts...

that make you want to punch your monitor?

Is there a topic you see posted on any of the boards that drives you insane? You see it over and over again and you wish people would just stop posting about it.  Come on, there's got to be at least one.  I know TK is meant to spread knowledge and advice to the masses.  But there are some topics of convo that I wish people would just do a quick search before posting.  I admit, I was guilty of it myself in the beginning.  Now I just find it annoying.  I will kindly respond, but I still find it annoying.

For me, I can't stand the people who post (completely innocently) about how they're unsure if they should register.  Over and over the quick answer is YES! Or my other favorite, people who simply post "FI and I have decided not to register."  Ok, good for you! Bravo? I don't know what kind of response they're looking to get, but it usually ends of being not so nice.  Then the OP gets huffy, picks up their toys, and goes home.  Well, metaphorically speaking of course.

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