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carry on luggage question

this is kind of non wedding related but travel related to here goes.

leaving for a destination wedding soon!

i have a small 'lightweight' carry on suitcase i am trying to pack, with a 5 kg/11 lb limit. i have literally packed my dress, a straightner, a small blow dryer, some toiletries and a swimsuit and i am at 11.2 lbs?! seriously? and i am not even a quarter full of the space (or things i need to put in there)

my question is, how stringent are airlines about weight for carry ons? i dont want them to say 'sorry were checking it' because my bridesmaid dress is in there and we have all agreed those are carried on 100% along with all wedding necessities (wedding is day 2 of the trip, if anyones baggage does missing we cannot be without). 

am i screwed?! i don't think i have ever had my luggage weighed but i usually bring a large purse/tote bag and that's usually it!


Re: carry on luggage question

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    What airline are you flying that has an 11 pound limit?

    American Airlines = 40 pounds
    Delta = 40 pounds
    USAir = 40 pounds



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    I agree with PP. 11 pounds just sounds ridiculous! I would assume that a lot of suitcases are 3-5 lbs on their own!

    BUT, what you could do is be sure to bring a smaller "personal bag" as well. Then, if need be, you can grab the dress out of your suitcase and stick it in there. They consider a personal item a backpack, purse, laptop, etc. I usually bring a bag that is bigger than my purse and put both my purse and other "necessity" items in it.
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    I have never in my life weighed my suitcase or my carry-on... 

    Most airliness are more stringent about the size of it.  They have little plastic boxes all over to see if your carry-on fits the size requirements.

    I put my dress in a hang up bag anc carried it on the plane.  No issues.  Everyone and their mother knew it was a wedding dress so I got a lot compliments, congrats, and general politeness.
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    If there are multiple bridesmaids going, is it possible that you could share a hair straightener?  Just so all of you don't have to bring one?  Also, I agree to ditch the blowdryer, or go and buy one of those tiny and super light travel blow dryers (they work fine, my Mom only uses a travel blow dryer now anyway)!  If it is a destination wedding, do you need a different style plug for any of your accessories (straightener, blow dryer), I know some countries have different style outlets than America, so check into that (it may save you space and frustration when you get there)!!

    Also, if you are using a tote bag/backpack for your plus 1 item, could you store anything in the tote bag (i.e. toiletries, swimsuit, pjs) to lessen the weight of your carry on?  What I do is take my essentials from my purse (wallet/id, chapstick, painkillers, etc.) and transfer them to my backpack, then I put my purse (and the non essential items) in my checked luggage.  I also pack an empty water bottle in my backpack and fill it once I'm on the opposite side of security (in case you get thirsty on the plane)!
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    so bring your bm dress and 3.4oz sizes of toiletries in carry on and check the rest.
    i dont really see the issue here. if your CO is too big-check the other stuff :)


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    RYLZRYLZ member
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    Well I have had my carry-on weighed in Europe and they refused me because the bag was 18 pounds!  So depends where your destination is.

    I agree with the advice, if this is a concern, to just carry your dress and toiletries, to avoid all possible hassle.

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    I agree where are you headed to, out of curiousity?

    We're taking a few inter-Europe flights for our vacation and the carryon weight limit is 22 lbs.  11 seems unreasonably low!
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    10 lbs. No joke. I saw all the major airlines and wanted to cry! Its a charter filght so not sure if that affects it. Flying from Toronto, Canada to Jamaica.

    My blowdryer is a travel, super light one. it is tiny! and my straightner is tiny travel one too! Nothing I am bringing is overly heavy but somehowit all adds up and the bag itself is about 3 lbs.

    As per previous posts, there is no mention of how heavy your 'purse' can be. So i will throw the shoes blow dryer and straightner - that dont even weight that much - in there and just try to get away with the dress and emergency clothes in the carry on and hope for the best. or, strap the blow dryer and straightner to my back and then unload into the carryon once we pass the scales!
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    I was going to mention Canada as another possible culprit!  I travel home to Toronto all the time, and it can be a real PAIN sometimes!  We sure are sticklers for rules! :-)

    I'd throw 5 pounds in my purse and bring nothing but the dress and essentials in the carry-on bag.

    But as a worse-case scenario, having to check luggage on a chartered flight is not all that bad because as long as it makes it on the plane, there's not much chance to get lost since you'll fly non-stop/direct.

    Good luck!
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    .....and take the blow dryer strapped to my back off BEFORE security!
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