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November 2011 Weddings

Last name, since you ladies aren't scary!!

Wouldn't dare ask this anywhere else on here out of fear of being eaten alive. But, I decided here was pretty safe!! :) 

I am working on my invites and some of them just have "Jane and John invite you" and some of them have "Jane Last Name and John Last Name invite you". Since he and I have the same last name now, I am just trying to figure out if I should just put our first names or if I should put our last name as well. And if I should put "Jane and John Last Name" or "Jane Last Name and John Last Name".  The fact that we are already married is no secret. People know they are coming to "celebrate our marriage". 

My mom had some calls after my bridal shower invites went out asking which last name I was using now (the invite just had my first and middle name) and which I was registered under. This just made me think, and I can't decided if I should put our last name on there for the ease of the guests or not. I mean a phone call or email to someone involved in the wedding isn't hard if any guest has a question, but, I don't know...just looking for some opinions!! :) 

And, the invites aren't formal, it is a pretty casual sort of affair. 

thank you ladies!!
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