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New Orleans Honeymoon - need advice

So I have been studying up on Carribean/Mexican all-inclusives for months now and it just seems too spendy.  Thousands of dollars to sit by the pool or beach and eat and drink.  We are not activity people, so all the snorkeling and dolphins and sports would be completely wasted on us.  They also don't seem too luxurious.  Unless you get that Sandals butler service, but even with that the online reviews seem spotty, at best.

Thus, I am thinking outside the box.  Where have I always wanted to visit in the US?  Where I can stay in luxurious accomodations (Ritz-like) and also be able to do more than just sit around for 5 days.  New Orleans.  We would be going for a week in January. My husband-to-be has been, I have not.  But I would like recommendations for (1) hotels (again, luxury) - like if a Real Housewife was staying here, where would she stay; (2) ideas for romance.  So not like a pub crawl.

Thanks in advance!

Re: New Orleans Honeymoon - need advice

  • I'd try trip advisor for recommendations on hotels.  We prefer to stay in the Garden District which is quieter than the hub bub that is the French Quarter. 

    For Romance I would try Bayana's if it's still there & Commander's Palace. 

    I like the zoo; from the Garden District you can take a trolley ride.  Yes it's public transportation but it's quaint & romantic. 

    I'd also post your Q on the local Louissianna board & check out the travel section of the nest.
  • All good ideas!  Thanks so much!
  • I think that down in Mexico Riviera Maya the resort we stayed at, a RIU Plaace, was so much more romantic and luxurious then anywhere I have ever stayed in the United States. We payed about 1k each (airfare, resort, food, alcohol, everything included) and it was absolutely amazing. We were waited on hand and foot and everything was included so it made it so much better because we weren't worried about going over budget. I have been to New Orleans and I absolutely love that city but I think you would have more luxery and romatic experience in the Caribbean. Plus the history and experience down there is so interesting and so much older then anything in NO.


  • My advice is to work with a travel agent.  Be prepared, though, you can easily spend as much money on a week in New Orleans as you can on a week in the Caribbean.  A  New Orleans honeymoon isn't very out of the box.  With good planning, it can be fun, though.  Enjoy!
  • We actually do have a Ritz Carlton in New Orleans!  There are also several very nice hotels which are tall buildings overlooking the city.  We stayed at the Riverside Hilton on our wedding night on the executive level and they have a lounge at the top of the hotel where you can get drinks in the evening and breakfast in the morning.  The Windsor Court also comes to mind.  And the Roosevelt is also very nice.  If you want the atmosphere of having a balcony on Bourbon Street the Royal Sonesta is nice, but it might not be quite as romantic if you're not into that kind of thing!

    At any of these hotels you will be in or near the French Quarter where there will be plenty to do.  You can go on different tours of the cemeteries and historical sites.  You can ride the St. Charles streetcar along a route through a charming part of town where you can see beautiful historic mansions.  You can't get a bad meal anywhere you go...I recommend Palace Cafe for a nice dinner.  There are nice shops in Canal Place and a fun movie theater at the top floor which serves cocktails and gourmet treats.  I also highly recommend the cruise on the Natchez steamboat. New Orleans has a lot to do and these are the things I just came up with off the top of my head!

    If you want to know more about NOLA shoot me a PM and I can send you a longer list of recommendations that I came up with for our guests.  Good luck with your planning :-)
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