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Confession Thursday

So I DO have a confession...

I don't have a fav cocktail...or at least I'm not sure if I do, lol.  I'm not much of an alcohol drinker so I have been limited.  I know I have enjoyed a screw driver, mimosa, and white Russian...I feel so silly to ask, but are those cocktails or just mixed drinks or is a mixed drink a cocktail?  I'm so ignorant to alcohol, lol.
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Re: Confession Thursday

  • In my head at least, a mixed drink is a cocktail. 

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    I agree with Savanna. I just prefer Ketel. :) If you want to go the Vodka route, give it a try. It's very smooth. The orange one is better for new straight Vodka drinkers.

    My confession is I have an odd fear of trashcan lids. Dunno why, just do.

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  • Yes a mixed drink is a cocktail. :) I probably drink wine more often than I do cocktails, but I love margaritas (all kinds, really), martini's, and really almost anything with vodka, lol. Mimosas, screwdrivers or vodka cranberry are all on my "drink list". I am not a beer drinker AT ALL. I just can't enjoy the taste, and I have tried. H insists it's an "aquired taste", but I don't feel like I should work at liking something that much. I don't go out much, we usually drink at home or going out to dinner, not really going to bars. But if I do go to a bar, around here it's not really an issue. Going to visit friends when they lived in college towns and I do not, I am the weird one ordering "red wine" (since you can't even get a choice of what kind of red wine at these places). Oh well, I am ok with it.

    That was probably a lot to type out about alcohol.

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