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New Year's Resolutions?

Anybody have any?

I usually don't do them, except a general goal to strive to make each year better than the last (although 2011 was pretty awesome, so that will be hard!) This year I also have a goal to keep my office neater. It is usually a total wreck.
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Re: New Year's Resolutions?

  • Not really. I have some home project goals, and some financial goals, business goals, but not really resolutions.
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  • Find a job while also enjoying my "break" from working. 

  • take a vitamin everyday, espically one with folic acid in it :) (just thinking maybe...)
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  • I always have lose weight, but the doc says I need to concentrate on diet and exercise more as my lab numbers were bad.

    Find a better paying job.

    Learn to share better and to be more patient especially with my husband.
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  • Not do Christmas shopping 2 days before Christmas... Oh the lines
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    1.  Work on my body.  I need to lose weight (DH has a free gym membership and can take me for free on Thursdays, plus I plan to start using the free fitness center at our apartment complex), I need to see a dentist and get my wisdom teeth out, and I probably also need to see about getting my tonsils out soon because I've started having tonsil stones.

    2.  Have all of my wedding photos picked, prints ordered, and files on CD edited and those prints ordered.  Then frame all of the prints and hang around the house.

    3.  Spend more time with friends.

    4.  Make a scrapbook or memory box or something with all of my wedding mementos in it.
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  • Get my health and life in order so we can start seeing if we can possible consider TTC. 

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