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November 2011 Weddings

Another 11/5/11 Bride :)

I am finally (mostly) decided that our date will be 11/5/11! Too bad thats the only thing I'm sure of so far about the wedding, haha. The FI and I have been dating since 11/1/2005 and I wanted to keep our anniversary around the same time, and also wanted a Saturday wedding, so the 5th it is! I've had a lot of people ask me why we are waiting so long/over a year, my official answer is I want to finish college first which happens next spring. Does anyone else get this question a lot?

Also I noticed today that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am on the 6th, so we get an extra hour to rest the night of the wedding! Sounds good to me, I think I'll need it!
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Re: Another 11/5/11 Bride :)

  • I've been engaged for nine months and had no wedding idea as far as wedding plans.  I got some interesting looks from people.  I think everyone thinks that you're supposed to book a place the day after you get engaged! However, when you have responsibilities like owning and renovating a house or, like yourself completing school, a wedding seems so secondary.  I'm thinking of 11.5.11 too and had no idea the DST ends that night.  That's an added bonus!

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  • HaylaCHaylaC member
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    you really are not waiting long.  i've been engaged for 7 years, 8 by the time we marry.  We wanted to have fun and  live our youth whilst we had minimal responsibilities, then buy a  house before getting married.  I think you're just being realistic.
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  • My FI and I are also getting married on 11/5/11!! We got engaged on 4/4/10 so I didnt have enough time to plan for Nov 2010. Good luck!
  • I'm an 11/5/11 bride too!  I have the deposit down on my ceremony/reception locations.  I often hear a lot of criticisim that I am planning way too early and such.  I say HEY!  Its my wedding!  Plus I wanted no aspect of my wedding to be rushed where I would make a bad (and expensive!) decision.  I love having a long engagement, it allows us to have maximum options and creativity!  Happy planning to all!
  • I am an 11/5/11 bride as well! Here are my reasons:

    1. We are getting married on my parents anniversary. Just so happens that their anniversary is on a Saturday next year.
    2. No way we'd have enough saved and/or planned to execute a wedding this November.
    3. Fiance & Engaged are terms you'll only have for a short period of time...I like being engaged and having a fiance. I'll have a husband and be married the rest of my life (which I'm stoked about as well!)
    4. I don't have enough vacation time this year to take the amazing 2 week European honeymoon that we are planning.

    I'm excited to "meet" some other 11/5/11 brides!!
  • I hopefully going to book my venue tomorrow for 11/5/11! They had it available today, so unless some bride came in today and swooped it up, I'll hopefully get it. I'm out of town though, so I'm worried that might put a kink in getting it booked.

    I was initially disappointed that October was booked up. However, I just realized if we got married 11/5, we would be getting married five years to the weekend of our first date. Kind of cool!

    I picked this far out because 1) I love fall and this fall is WAY too soon and 2) we have more time to save. I can't wait to be a Mrs. but like PP said, I have the rest of my life to be Mrs. G!
  • I am also a 11/5/11 bride. Me and my fh have been dating for over ten years now and I don't feel it's a long engagement. If we've waited this long, what's another 15mths. I also like the fact that I can somewhat relax when it comes to the planning. No need to rush through it. Once in a lifetime thing, right?
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  • I am also a 11-5-11 bride!  We have our venue and DJ reserved.  We are working on booking our photographer.  There is no way we would have had the money to pull off a wedding this fall.  I have actually had people tell me I should start shopping for  a dress now.  I was planning on waiting until the spring.  We want to have time to plan everything.  We didn't think there was a need to rush.  Happy planning everyone!
  • I'm a 11/5/11 bride also!  We originally wanted October, but my reception venue was SO much more expensive in October, figured one more weekend doesn't hurt!  We got engaged 4/15/10 and I wanted a fall wedding and didn't want to rush.  We have the ceremony/reception site booked and I've tried on a few dresses, and just done a lot of online research!  

    Thanks for the info on daylight savings, I had no idea, that's great!
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