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December 2011 Weddings

A wrinkle already :(

My reception venue, a club I love that my parents have been members of for years, sent us a letter today telling us that they are closing their doors in January of 2011. I'm going to have to let my mom deal with finding a replacement because my law finals start in a week. 

I know it will work out (doesn't it always?) but I'm really unhappy about it. I'm also really, really confused as to why they let me put down a deposit on an event, and I'm going to be infuriated if they file bankruptcy and don't return our money. Yuck.

Re: A wrinkle already :(

  • I'm so sorry to hear that! :-( Still planning on getting married in Baton Rouge? I live in Baton Rouge now (Geaux Tigers!) but we're getting married in New Orleans. I'm not too familiar with wedding venues in Baton Rouge, but I know of some if you're interested in hearing about them.

    One good way to look at it is that you still have time to figure it out. It's great that you started planning so early.
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  • I'm actually getting married in Shreveport! I'm from there, but The Knot only has New Orleans and Baton Rouge-Other as Louisiana categories. Since the other 3/4 of the state doesn't really exist....haha.

    It really wasn't a big deal, but my main issue with it is that they still haven't given me my money back, and it was a pretty large deposit. I've got appointments to look at 2 more places with fiance after finals and they've both got our date penciled in, and it's kind of nice that now that we can't use the place my parents had a relationship with, my fiance and I actually get an opinion Tongue out.
    For the record, not at all complaining about not getting much of a say, but it is rather funny!
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