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Berkeley Springs, WV

Hi ladies,
I remember someone posted about Berkeley Springs at some point, but I can't seem to find the info.  If you've been, can you tell me what to expect/what we should be sure to do?  My FI and I are pretty sure that's where we'll be honeymooning this June/July.

Re: Berkeley Springs, WV

  • lol! Berkeley Springs is semi-close to were I live...it's funny to hear someone say they are honeymooning there! But absolutely, if you're in to small town charm and beautiful scenery...it's not a bad choice. Honestly I've never done much there except tour the castle when I was younger and drive through the town on the way to other places (the curse of living somewhere...so often you don't appreciate what you have)....but I've always thought it would be a cool place to go once in a while. The castle is beautiful if you enjoy that kind of thing. Go to www.berkeleysprings.com ...they have plenty of suggestions. Good luck and happy honeymooning!
    P.S. Have you ever been to WV before? We get a bad rap but honestly I love living here and the scenery is beautiful and not quite like anywhere else.
  • I also live near Berkeley Springs, and people love it for all the spas in the area.  My FI actually teaches in the town.  It's a very small town, but like I said, it has some amazing spas.  I agree with the castle, it's a pretty cool thing to see.  They have some neat little restaurants in the area too. 

    Hope you have fun!

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