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need flowers on a low budget

I had a consultation the other day with a florist and they were quoting me around $75 and up for the bridesmaid bouquets, and $125 and up for the brides bouquet.  Is there anyway I can cut down cost but keep it classy and elegant looking?  One florist had offered Gerber daises but I just don't like the way they look.

Re: need flowers on a low budget

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    If you are going to DIY don't forget to check out the local Farmer's Market.  We go there all the time and they have tons of flowers and I'm sure you could ask to order a certain amount from one of them and save a ton of money.
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    Silk flowers can save you money in some cases, however some of the nicer looking silk flowers are actually more expensive than fresh flowers.  Give "On Occasion"  a call.  visit their website at They do wedding planning, consulting, wedding flowers, music and more.  I have heard rave reviews about their beautiful flowers and the quality of their work. Also heard they can work with any budget and give you some great options
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    I hope it's not too late to respond, but I am considering going to the farmer's market as well, and I am also thinking about contacting our local grocery stores.  I think that their prices will be a little more reasonable.
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