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I ran for 31 minutes straight today on the treadmill!!! --this is HUGE for me-i usually cant run for more than 2 mins straight without getting winded--no joke. i'm already paying for it, my body kills-but i'm hoping i can keep this up--i actually felt really good afterward--and i NEVER like working out--maybe i'm becoming a "grown up" haha. just thought maybe someone would care!!
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Re: NWR: running

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    CONGRATS!!! I so wish I could run on the treadmill, but for some reason me and the treadmill don't get along.
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    that is awesome!! Running is hard..and that is awesome that you kept up for that long! I'm proud of you...whenever you want to come running let me know ;)
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    That's awesome, you gotta start somewhere. Make sure to drink a bunch of water and go out running tomorrow even if you're still sore....it helps keep your muscles loose. :-)
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    I'm proud of you!!  Great job!!  :)
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    Good Job! Kepp up the good work!
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    thats great! i started out a couple weeks ago running in my fi's parents garage on the treadmill. My first time, I could run about 3 min straight, after a couple weeks I can now run 12 minutes straight!! I am working every other day to keep going just a little longer. It's really hard to do though in a hot garage. Just keep drinkin lots of liquids! :) congrats!
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    thanks for all the love guys =) and great job foto!!!
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