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NWR: The Bachelorette ***Spoiler***

Does anyone watch it???If so:If you were Gillian, who would you have picked?Do you agree with her decision?Did you like the season?

Re: NWR: The Bachelorette ***Spoiler***

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    I would have picked Reid!!!No, Ed's shorts... ack!Yes, I enjoyed it a lot... Mondays were great!
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    reid was adorable. :( ed is awkward and can't get it up...ha.
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    If I were Jillian I would have picked Ed... so I guess that means I would agree with her decision lol.  Reid I liked a lot too but I don't like that he couldn't express his feelings to her until after he left.  And as for Eds shorts.... they were a joke... they had a like 2 minute clip at the end of one of the shows explaining his shorts.  I don't know what it is about him but I wanted her to pick him the first night of the season.  He was hilarious in the unseen footage they showed at the guys tell all haha.  Oh and yeah I liked the season... I think Jillian is the most real person they have ever had on there.  She wasn't some doctor or comes from a famous name family so I liked that.
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    I think they are well suited. And a lot of guys can't "perform" when they are kinda drunk - it seems like the show gives them a lot of access to booze and maybe it's too much sometimes.Anyhow - for myself, I might have picked someone different, but for her, I think he is great.
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