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Bridesmaids Gifts--Jewerly

Hey Girls, I want to get my 4 bridesmaids a piece of jewerly to wear on the wedding day. I was thinking of a nice sterling silver necklace. They have spent a good amount of $$ thus far on their dress/shoes/alterations/etc. So, I don't want to get them something that looks cheap. Where have you girls gone? Any recommended stores or websites?Thanks!
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Re: Bridesmaids Gifts--Jewerly

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    I ordered custom necklaces from Etsy for part of my BMs' gifts.  They have tons of shops to search through and lots of them are pretty affordable and unique.  I've also found pretty lockets and bracelets on overstock.com before.  Tiffany's always has nice sterling silver pieces for around $100-150.Good luck!
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    Tiffany's is always a good choice. =)
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    I purchased monogrammed swarovski crystal bracelets from the knot store and am very happy with them :) I got them on sale at $9.99 earlier this year..if you check "the wedding shop" from time to time, there are some decent sales..GL!
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    we bought them Swarovski necklaces. We got them while visiting their crystal factory in Austria, but they carry lots of beautiful stuff in their stores
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    ucfjen8 - I'm so glad you posted this today because right before I checked the board I was looking for bridesmaid gifts! I'm getting married in February & it will most likely be chilly so I think I'm going to get my bridesmaids a cashmere wrap and I'm paying for their makeup to be done. I looked at the tiffany's website to see if I wanted to get them jewelry instead. They have pretty heart charms that can be monogramed for $80, but then you have to pay for the necklace too. Also, on mindyweiss.com there are some really cute bridemaid stuff. I'm thinking about ordering the Bridesmaid brooches ($10) & the Bride brooch which is $9.
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    I'm a huge Etsy person too so I second looking on Etsy.com, the shops normally have some really great, unique things and they normally pretty good quality. That's where I got my BM bags.HTH
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