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Waikiki Beach and North Shore

So we booked our tickets to Hawaii for December. We'll only be there from Monday to  Sunday and I would like to split the time between Waikiki beach and the North Shore. We are young and would like to stay in the more lively area but we can get pretty tired of it so I thought we can stay in North Shore for a few days. We're thinking about 3 days each. Any thoughts on whether thats enough time to do things in each city? We don't care to do everything but we want to snorkel, go to Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, maybe take some surf lessons. We plan to have a rental car for the time in North Shore.

Re: Waikiki Beach and North Shore

  • Ditto Liatris about Hanauma Bay, and it's also worth going to the flea market at the stadium.  If you do Pearl Harbor early you should have time for another excursion in the afternoon.  I would also recommend doing Diamondhead early if you're expecting warm temperatures so you do the hike before the sun is right over your heads!
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  • I am going to respectfully disagree with the PP about Hanauma Bay.  I have snorkeled everywhere from Belize to Mexico to Guam to Brazil and about a dozen places in the Caribbean and Hanauma Bay was by far one of the worst I have ever been to.  It may have been that the tide was coming in, but I could barely see anything around me.  The reef was super shallow and really hard to swim around.  People were constantly touching the reef because it was so shallow, which is such a shame. 

    The reef was also either dead or the ugly rock kind.  There weren't a ton of fish in the water, but the ones I saw were pretty spectacular.  I didn't see any turtles, but I have heard of others who have seen them. 

    The beach was very nice and being the surrounding area was very beautiful. 

    I had fun at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I thought of it as a Polynesian Disneyland.  It takes up a good chunk of the day.  I enjoyed grabbing a spontaneous sunset catamran cruise right off the beach in Waikiki.  No reservations needed. 
  • We LOVED the North Shore and it was our favorite part of our HM on Oahu. If you do split the trip between the two (we just drove up twice to the North Shore but stayed in Waikiki), there is just one resort up there--Turtle Bay. Very nice but very pricey.

    I think 3 days on each should be good. You could do Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor in one day if necessary. If you were interested in a luau, that would take one evening. We also did a catamaran cruise on Waikiki that took two hours.

    On the North Shore, I'd recommend Sunset Beach (it was so dead in July when we were there and so peaceful). Waimea Bay Beach is much calmer for swimming, but a lot busier as well. I would check out Hale'iwa, a cute town up on the North Shore and stop at Aioki's for some shave ice. Grab lunch at a shrimp truck on the side of the road (we liked Fumi's).

    When in Waikiki, I'd highly recommend Duke's for lunch or dinner.

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