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Funny reception story: the Simpsons

I got some questions about some of my pro pics on my club board (the ones that have Bart & Homer in them)...so here's the why:That was my dad's idea! Apparently (since they're licensed characters @ Universal) they do "wander" around the property...but they were a little further than they should have been at Hard Rock. I guess they have limits about the places they can be on-site.My dad noticed it, and schemed with our catering manager to have them come into the reception, since thet were already around. Neither DH nor I knew anything about it...so it was an AWESOME surprise! Side story: My dad had been joking about inviting his fishing buddies (all of whom are somewhat vulgar) AND pulled a tux prank on DH that morning (switched his black pants w/brown), so I was expecting something to go wrong. My dad has been a jokester all my life, but he always promised me he wouldn't ruin the wedding. After he switched DH's pants in the morning, he actually CALLED to tell me he did it! At the time, I wished he wouldn't have, since it freaked me out. Poor DH was flipping out too at the tux shop, and even called his mom to help fix the problem. The staff at the shop (and the GMs) were in on it, so everything got straightened out eventually. It actually got funnier the more people heard it, and by the end of the weekend all the guests knew about his joke. When the Simpsons crashed our reception, we forgot all about my dad's prank :) Best surprise EVER!

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    That is so awesome! I am in the process of seeing if I can get the Orlando Magic mascot to "interrupt" our first dance, and was going to ask you about Homer and Bart being at your wedding. Super cool surprise!!
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    That is so funny! Your dad sounds fun. :)
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    I love it!! But I would have been sooooo mad if my dad switched the tuxes!!! So glad that got worked out. :))
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