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FI just asked me if he should get tickets to the Yankees/Devil Rays game in Tampa.I asked how much and after he told me I did some quick math. I replied "That'll probably cover the cost of my dress alterations."Boo. Damn you wedding and your need for funding.Did we do Whine and Bite yesterday? I don't think we did...

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    you could always wear your wedding dress TO the game :D
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    I feel ya. I could have gotten discounted tickets for Sea World through my school and taken my daughter, but that was still money that don't "have" to spend... and we really need a new bed (I have a herniated disc in my neck so my neck/back hurt all the time and cause nasty headaches if I don't have a good mattress), but I think about that and then think, oh, yeah, that would cost as much as a dress and alterations and a veil... nevermind. I'll stock up on Excedrin for a while. ;)
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    I guess I'm just more annoyed that he even told me. It's like, I didn't need to know this information.  He agrees with my response and knew what it was going to be, but I still feel like the bad guy.
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    Ha ha. I totally read your "subject line" and thought that I would reply AHHHH! So there. And, I totally agree.. wear your dress TO the game ;-)
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    If I wear my dress to the game, it still won't cover the cost for alterations!
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    =(   Weddings eat money. And no we did not do W&B. We need to never forget again!
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