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Is the bug bite swollen? If it is, do you have the ability you could elevate it and put ice on it? I swell up like a balloon when I get bit by a bug, and I literally went home sick one day so I could go take meds (aka the meds that make you sleeeeeeepy)... But if you have the ability to, try the elevation and ice... HTH!

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    I can't  :( My doc said he'd write me a note to go home, but it's pretty busy at work and I'm leaving at 3:30 for an appt. anyway. It's on the outside of my thigh, like almost around my underwear line. When I get home tonight, I'm going to lay on my side (the side without the bite) and put a warm compress on it.  That's what the doc said.  The problem is that I didn't think when I got dressed so every time I move in my chair, my pants rub against it and it's pretty painful to the touch. It blows. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    OMG I am so sorry!!! That does not sound fun at all! I hope the compress helps and if you have to, go back to the doctor and tell him to give you some drugs!!!
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    i dont want to picture what may have bitten you. lol.i shouldnt laugh. poor alexia!
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