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Costa Rica/Barbados

Have any of you honeymooned in Costa Rica/Barbados? If so, what was your honeymoon budget? Where did you stay? Looking for some sort of all-inclusive resort in October 2012. Any and all advice is appreciated - even if it's not one of these places!

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    [QUOTE]My honeymoon will be in Costa Rica in September. We found a package for 8 nights (2 nights in San Jose, 3 nights at the Mountain Paradise Inn and 3 nights the the Grand Occidental Papagayo all-inclusive resort) including airfare, rental car and 2 excursions for $3500 incl. taxes and fees. This price is with every hotel upgrade and rental car upgrade. I went through travelbyjen.com. This is more days and more to do than anything I found in Mexico (which I expected to be our cheapest option). I haven't read much about Barbados, but I'm super excited for Costa Rica!
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    How was the mountain paradise hotel in Costa Rica??? Was it beautiful and romantic? Was there a lot to do outside of the resort? Easy or hard to get to. I found it online Nd it seems amazing!! Details are appreciated!!! We would be going in late march.
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