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Suprise Charges from Lange Farms

Hello all,
I am getting married at Lange Farms in about 3 weeks and was wondering if anyone out there is experiencing some of the same issues as me...... Why does lange farms charge the caterer 10% of your total bill?  Meaning, Lange Farms doesn't provide any caterering so you have to outsource it, which was an appeal to me in the beginning, but now I find out they pass a 10% charge to the caterer which in return gets passed back the person paying for the wedding.  So Lange Farms is getting paid twice, once to have the reception there and then again to "allow" a caterer to come cater your event.  Also, their linen bill is almost $500!!!!!!!!!!  That is almost as much as I paid for the flowers!!!  And, more than what I paid for the DJ!!!  Someone, anyone, please help if you are in this situation or know what I can do about it!!!
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