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Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

As a previous bride of Sunset Harbor, I had my own issues with this club.

My issues failed in compassison to what I witnessed this past Saturday.

I was in attendance at a wedding this past Saturday. I was appalled at the unprofessionalism of Colleen, the Banquet Operations Manager. She had an altercation with the photographer and linens vendor! The same vendor I used that turned my budget wedding into a platimum wedding! Whatever issues she had with the vendor should have been handled inside her office not in the reception room where all the fellow guests could hear her. She came out several times, while guests were still in the room, when the music wasn't playing, yelling at the vendor. She shouted words like, "Go home Lyndsey!" "How dare you!" "Wait until I tell Kathleen!" (Kathleen is the Sales Manager, that is also very snobby and overly critical of people) Colleen returned and started ripping chair cover and sashes off the chairs. Throwing them on the floor. She began yelling at the photographers assistant as well. She and another employee, a waitress, started to harass the DJ, that was related to the vendor.

She also begain to curse and shouted from inside the kitchen, where staff and the florist could hear her. This is absolutely appalling! I am embarrassed to have been associated with Sunset Harbor and have already reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

Again, whatever issues she had with the vendors, Colleen should have waited until ALL the guests had left.

If I would have known that this is what goes on behind the scenes I would have never had my wedding there.

Whew. I hope this may help somebody in the future. Beware and alert your vendors.

- Jasmine
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Re: Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

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    Did all of this happen during dinner while guests were present or was it when no guests were in there but the vendors were setting up?  Either way, that is absolutely appalling behavior.  No one should behave like that in a professional situation.  I'm glad that you posted this so that others can be aware.  I would post it on weddingbee or another review website not just a forum.  
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    Theresa626 - Guests were still there including the bride and groom, wedding party and their immediate family! It was crazy!
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    Wow, this makes me EXTREMELY NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having my reception there on 2/26. I have my tasting next week and I REALLY want to bring this up to Kathleen...

    Any thing else I should be aware of?!?
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    k_garrett -

    Sunset Harbor did send an apology to me about the incident. I really feel that my wedding was a beautiful affair because all of the staff that was involved.

    This was unfortunate to see for a past bride. I don't feel that this is them ALL of the time. Please do not let this get you nervous.

    I do have advice for you:

    *Stand your ground about what you want for YOUR day.
    *If you see any unproffesionallism please let THEIR BOSS know about it.
    *If you feel confident about YOUR vendors please stand up for them if they are bullied by any staff there since they DO, in fact, only favor a few vendors.

    No worries honey and have a good meeting.

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    Thanks Jasmine,
    I truly appreciate it :)
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    Hello Knot Readers, The downside of the power of these blogs and comment board is that anyone can write anything about a business or an individual and in doing so do not have to meet any standards of truth.   After reading this litany of lies and half-truths in this post---I think it’s now time for a word of truth from Sunset Harbor itself. The wedding referenced in the post was a beautiful and successful affair.In fact, in an email sent on Oct. 5th  from the Bride immediately following this event she wrote to the Banquet Staff:  “All of you were such a great help with everything—we couldn’t have done it without you.   I still can’t believe how well everything turned out—way beyond my expectations.” Does this sound like the travesty Ms. Marsden is reporting?I think not.And why, if Ms. Marsden thinks Sunset Harbor is such an appalling and unprofessional venue, does she keep posting pictures of her own wedding on our Facebook page?The latest were posted on Sunday, Oct. 24th at 10:51pm?www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1282468628#!/profile.php?id=1282468628">http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1282468628#!/profile.php?id=1282468628 Puzzling isn’t it? How about concluding with another “truth”… this email sent to Banquet Operations Manager Coleen Fletcher on Thursday, Oct. 14th following another successful wedding reception here at Sunset Harbor: Coleen,Thanks so much for making the Riddle - Laramee Wedding the perfect event.  Your experience and charm illuminated throughout the evening in the details that you administered.Tom RiddlePonce Inlet If anyone out there would like a long list of our satisfied brides as references, we would certainly be happy to be provide it.  Sunset Harbor offers a 5-star venue, food and service for nuptials and receptions—and we provide top of the line personal consultation services for your event.  Our reputation for excellence is unmatched in the Daytona market. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this matter with me personally, please email or call me.My best to all of you. KathleenKathleen ShackelfordDirector of Banquet SalesSunset Harbor Yacht Club386-947-9900 ext: 205[email protected] 
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