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Cabin/country honeymoon?

FI and I aren't much for the beach, but more for the woods and a river in a cabin. We've never really got ourselves a cottage or anything before, mainly because when we camp, it's just a tent and a campfire.

For our honeymoon, we'd love to get a nice, modern cottage somewhere secluded in the NORTH EASTERN states. We live in Pennsylvania, and we won't fly, nor do we want to drive half of our trip.

Does anyone have any suggestions? We have up to 6 days all together.

Re: Cabin/country honeymoon?

  • There are tons of places like that in Maine!  Fiance and I have stayed here: http://www.visitpointlookout.com/ and it was lovely!  We went hiking on site, and went into town for a sailing trip that was wonderful. 

    I suggest trying the Maine board for some more recommendations :) 
  • I'd agree with Maine, but I think that's too far of a drive for you. The closest I can think of to you might be the Poconos in northeastern Pa. I'd also look into Ithaca, NY. Neither of those two would be too far of a drive for you. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  • The White Mountains in New Hampshire would be a great place, if its not too far of a drive.
  • When are you going?

    I love the White Mountains there is a ton to do there. You could also go to the Berkshires which would be closer (but a lot more $$ than the white mountains).
  • What about the Shenandoahs in Virginia? Or West Virginia?
  • Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park in Maine!  I live in Philly and the drive up there is about 9 or 10 hours, but it's so worth it!  The hiking is awesome and the views are beautiful!  We've stayed at the Llangolan Inn.  The cabins are cute and romantic and under $100 a person so that kind of helps balance out the longer drive there haha.  Good luck picking a honeymoon spot!
  • My fiance and I are from Youngstown, OH and we vacationed last summer in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and then over into Maine. We went as far up as Bar Harbor, ME. I loved the White Mountains, they were so beautiful and we were there during Hurricane Irene last year so it rained the whole time. Also, check out Vermont. We drove through but didn't stop anywhere. It was equally as lovely.

    Maine was beautiful as well but more populated and maybe not as secluded as you are looking for. But we were there during peak tourist season and we weren't really looking for secluded.
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