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Short & cheap HM advise

My FI and I are getting married in Sept and he is leaving 2 weeks later to work overseas for about 6 months. (sucks, I know)
We were planning on doing a 2 week HM in Mexico, but realized that we probably won't have enough money for that.  Now we really just want a short & relatively inexpensive HM.  What options are there other than last minute cruises?  I also know that Caribbean cruises are tricky in September (FI and I went on our 1st cruise in Sept) because of hurricane season, but the captain can usually redirect the route to make for nice weather and calm seas. 

Also, the main purpose of my FI taking this job is that he will make a lot of money, so we're thinking that we'll take a really nice 2nd honeymoon when he comes back April 2012.
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