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30 Rock Wedding Dream & Question

I had a dream the other night the Kenneth the Page was officiating our wedding.  It was so odd!  My FI thought it was pretty awesome though.  We love 30 Rock.  Whats the weirdest wedding dream you have had so far?
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Re: 30 Rock Wedding Dream & Question

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    Haha!! That's really funny! I wish I had some funny wedding dreams.. mine are all anxiety filled with me running late or with no make up on, hair not done, things going wrong, etc! FI thinks I'm crazy when I tell him about my WR dreams lol 
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    Mine are usually like that too.  Honestly...in my 30 Rock dream Kenneth wasn't supposed to be officiating our wedding, our Officiant didn't show up and somehow we ended up with him instead.  I had one last night that was stressful too but I don't remember all of it, except that a giant FedEx plane crashed a few blocks from my house causing complete chaos where I live.  I about had a heart attack when I saw that I have 46 days until my wedding.  My to do list has like 70 things on it still!
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    My grandparents were on our honeymoon with us...like, we had a joint overwater bungalow.  My grandma kept coming over to our room in the bungalow to use our bathroom.  It was weird.  
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