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PSA For St. John USVI brides...listen to time share spiel; get a free snorkel trip

Hey y'all, I know this might sound vendor-y, but it's not.  I am currently in St. John with my H on our 1 year anniversary trip and I came across a deal that seems pretty legit.  There's a company called Calypso Charters that does a bunch of day trips to the BVI and around the USVI for snorkeling and other sightseeing things.  H and I are planning to do the full day snorkel trip with open bar and lunch included.  It's like 250.00 BUT if we had been over 28 (grrr.....just short!) we could have endured a 30 minute tour/"buy a timeshare spiel"  at Grand Bay Resort and gotten this day trip for free.  Apparently they've worked out a deal to try to drum up business because the resort is still pretty new.  The age 28 thing is presumably because us youngn's aren't in the market for vacation property yet...

 So basically, if any brides are going to be going to St. John in the near future and want to use Calypso Charters, it might be worth it to ask about any promotions they've got going on with Grand Bay Resort when you book. 

I can't personally vouch for either company (although I will report back after our snorkel trip on Tuesday).   Hope this helps someone!
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