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For those who did/will honeymoon in Yellowstone (vs cruise)...

FI and I are not sure what to do. I know the wedding is awhile away, but we want to look for a super fun honeymoon. He loves outdoor stuff and I love the beach, but we're both willing to compromise.

Our first choice was to take a Caribbean cruise. Pros: All inclusive (mostly), not much travel expenses, fun excursions, MASSAGE DAY! lol
Cons: FI isn't a huge beach/hot weather person, would want to lose weight to feel mosre comfortable, passport expenses, alcohol extra, would have to wait a week after wedding to go

I've been to Yellowstone before and loved it and think FI would too. We might like to rent a cabin or a cute room in a cabin-like atmosphere. Pros: Nature-y, hiking/animals/hot springs, not swimsuits (lol)
Cons: Airfare extra, nothing included, may be cold at the end of September, wouldn't have to wait a week after wedding to go, no spa, may have to rent a car

Does anyone have any advice as to how much a honeymoon in Yellowstone would cost? Our budget is $3,000. Is that feasible flying from SC?
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