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Bucuti Beach Resort - Aruba

Hi ladies,

Has anyone ever been to this resort? If so, please share your experiences! We are trying to find a honeymoon destination for late-Sept. and this resort was mentioned.

Thanks :)

Re: Bucuti Beach Resort - Aruba

  • We're seriously considering this for our honeymoon as well. I've seen several great recommendations for this place. We were originally thinking of an all inclusive, but friends of mine who have visited Aruba said AI is not the way to go on this island. It's safe to drive/walk around and taste all the different restaurants. This resort offers full buffet breakfast included in the room rates, which is a nice plus for not being AI. Bucuti seems like the only resort I've found that doesn't have an issue with beach space. All the reviews I've found say that nobody ever has a problem getting a palapa on the beach. It seems like a great place for people who just want to relax on the beach and not do much else.

    I am worried about a couple of things, which hopefully someone can clear up here. I've seen a lot of reviews say that all of the bucuti rooms have dehumidifiers in them. People are saying they're not a big deal, but has anyone seen this at any other Aruba resorts? I was under the impression that Aruba wasn't all that humid. Also, it seems like a lot of people recommend renting a car to travel around the island. Is the island easy to navigate? Also, some reviews have said that the beach at Bucuti is beautiful but the ocean is rocky. Any experience with actually swimming in the resort's ocean?
  • yup--this is a beautiful resort.  We stayed here last Nov.  The Tara Suites are awesome..didn't notice mold either and can't even remember any issues with humidity.  It does come with breakfast every day.  My TA also helped my fiance plan a romantic dinner on the beach for us and got us a jeep for 3 days.  If anyone wants my TA's info just shoot me a private message.
  • dh and i did but not for HM. frankly aruba is my 2nd least fave island. too many freaking HMers. the island really has no personality of it's own-which is disappointing. bucuti is nice, beach is nice. rest of island gets 2 thumbs down.


  • We are doing the RIU Palace Aruba....good reviews...
  • Bucuti is amazing! The dehumidifiers are a must because it is VERY humid. We didn't mind ours at all, it barely made noise. Honestly, in Aruba it would be a shame to stay at an all inclusive. The island is EXTREMELY safe and there are some amazing restaurants (Flying Fishbone and Madame Janette were the best). FI and I would get out to the free breakfast's, which were great, and then cruise down to the beach and we had no problems getting one of the straw umbrella's to lay under. We actually heard a guy at the bar one night say he checked out of the Westin and came to Bucuti because he had to get up at 6am to get just a chaise lounge.

    FI and I rented a car for 3 days and went all around the island. It's SUPER easy to get around. There is really only one main road all around the island and one that cuts down the middle. We brought our own snorkel gear and drove to Baby Beach, totally fun! Also, the Flying Fishbone is on the opposite end of the island so it's worth it to get a car to drive there. The beaches are amazing, the rocky beaches are on the North East side of the island, where nothing is. I didn't see a single rock on Eagle Beach - it was absolutely perfect.

    Go to Bucuti, hands down the best hotel in Aruba. Also, the staff is amazing. They got us reservations to everything. I really can't say enough good things about the island and Bucuti. But seriously, don't go an AI in Aruba. I can see doing an AI in Jamaica since the island is not very safe but not in Aruba - the people are so friendly. HTH.
  • wow!!! I am sooo glad I saw this post!  I literally looked up the Bucuti today!  I was planning on doing all inclusive before and was having this internal debate with myself since the Bucuti isn't! 
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