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We want a LONG wedding day, but how?!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post!  My fiance and I just got engaged on Thanksgiving day. We were back in my hometown in England when Bryan proposed. It was the sweetest proposal as he talked to my grandad and asked for my grandfather's blessing before he dropped down on one knee, all so that my grandad (who is 91) can be involved as he won't be able to come out for a wedding given his age and health.

Now, Bryan and I are trying to plan our wedding and love the idea of a summer wedding. So, we're aiming for summer 2011. 

We like the idea of a winery setting...lush, green, great atmosphere, lots of character....but we don't altogether like that we only have 5 or 6 hours to enjoy our actual ceremony and reception time. 

Does anyone know of any venues in northern california, that have that winery or amazing scenery atmosphere but will allow you a long wedding time (not just with paying by the half hour or hour)??

Any comments on venues will be greatly appreciated!

Nikki and Bryan.

Re: We want a LONG wedding day, but how?!

  • Check your local board.  It's to the left.  They will have better suggestions than you will probably get here.  This is an international board.  Happy hunting!

    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • Local board like PPs suggested will have a lot more info to specific venues.
    But, if you do a google search of vineyards they will have info and a number to call. Most venues will charge per hour after the 3 hour mark (that I've seen).

    The first thing to draw it out that I think of is a wine tasting along with some H'orduerves. Something like
    Wine tasting/snacks 2:00pm
    Wedding 3:30pm
    Cocktail hour  ~4-5pm
    Dinner  5:00pm
    Dancing 5:30/5:45-11:00pm

    You can also serve late night snacks to encourage guests to stay a little longer if they get hungry while dancing. Mini taco bar, cookie & milk, the Knot has something about french fries.

    You do have to keep in mind that guests might not want to be there that long, and might leave earlier if they got there sooner.
  • I like Hattie's ideas.

    I just wanted to add, to each his own, but I can't imagine wearing my killer heels and a nice dress for much longer than 5-6 hours. I imagine I'm not alone in this so a bunch of guests will probably have to leave early, including pretty much everyone with kids (because the kids will be antsy if they're there and they'll have a hefty babysitting bill if they're not).
  • I don't know much about vineyard weddings, but I've heard of couples having a wedding weekend by blocking off an entire B&B and scheduling activities for their guests for more than just the ceremony and reception.  A winery tour, wine tasting, brunch, etc.  These are generally much more intimate weddings, with just very close family and a few friends, since everyone is stuck together for 48 hours or more.
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