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How do I ask the neighbours to be quiet?


We are having a garden wedding at my parents property in July.  Even though the garden is quite private (12 feet high hedges and/or fence), they have houses backing onto their property on 3 sides.  A couple of the neighbours we know quite well and it won't be a problem, but some we don't know at all.

We just want to make sure that a neighbour doesn't start mowing their lawn or some other noisy business during the ceremony. I would love to say the whole time during ceremony and reception, but I'm trying to be realistic.

Our idea was to write a nice note to 4 or 5 neighbours within earshot and personally deliver it.  The note would say something along the lines of,

"Dear neighbour, our family is having a wedding this Saturday.  To help us celebrate the day, we kindly ask that you try to avoid cutting your grass after 2:00pm.  Thank you for your consideration.
Kind Regards,"

Does this sound too stiff?  I don't want to have a negative affect and annoy people.  We also thought about giving them a bottle of wine or a potted flower as well.

Any ideas on better wording or delivery would be greatly appreciated.
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