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what time?

at what time should we have our ourdoor ceremony?
i really have no idea where to start. my photographers said they can work with any time...

our ceremony will be held in a clearing in a forest-like setting, but you can definitely still see plenty of sunshine through the trees during the day (though, not too much). it's an enchanting, private location. :)

our ceremony will be fairly short and simple. two or three bridesmaids/groomsmen each.

we'll be having a dinner reception directly following the ceremony at the same location (in a building).

guests have to be out of the venue by 11p, so, therefore, our reception has to be over by 11p.

i don't want our ceremony to start so late that our reception has to be cut short due to the 11p thing. but, i don't want to have tooooo much glaring sun during our ceremony; i don't want guests to be uncomfortable, and i don't want my pictures to be unattainable.

at the reception, we have mostly family and just a few friends who like to party, so i don't expect it to be a 'raving' party, but fun and quaint, nonetheless. :)

we will be having our ceremony in indiana on october 9, 2010.

be kind, for everyone is fighting some sort of battle.

Re: what time?

  • wow! thank you for taking the time to type all of that out! it really helped!! :) your wedding sounds very much like what i want!

    and your pictures are gorgeous! the snapfish link you provided is not unlike what our ceremony location looks like! :)

    we will be having a few pictures before, of wedding party, parents, grandparents, etc. but most of our pictures will be after the ceremony, so we won't 'make our entrance' to the reception until after those are done with.

    indiana and ohio are on the same time zone, i think. do you guys observe daylight savings? indiana just started... bleck! haha.

    i was able to visit the location around 3p, and the sun wasn't too bad, but i think that's a little early for dinner. i might shoot for around 5, based on what you had to say about 430. so maybe we'll get married at 445 (the upswing is lucky, right?) :)

    thank you so much for your help! :)

    be kind, for everyone is fighting some sort of battle.
  • I think having your ceremony at 5 is a good plan.  Just be sure to plan a cocktail hour inside for your guests while you and the wedding party finish pictures.

    We had an outdoor ceremony at 6pm, cocktail hour 6:30-7:30, and reception 7:30-midnight.  I thought the timing worked out really well for us.  Since your reception is ending at 11, ceremony at 5 should work out just fine.
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