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Oil Spill---Destin Wedding plans! YIKES!

I am planning a large beach wedding with many people flying into Destin for June 26th.  I am contemplating on canceling due to the oil spill?  I don't want to wait to the last minute because so many people are planning their family vacations around our wedding.  Is anyone in the same boat or know more on the spill in the Destin area?

Re: Oil Spill---Destin Wedding plans! YIKES!

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    Have you sent out your invitations yet? Wouldn't their plans already be in the works? Contact your venue.  They will be able to give you better guidance on what you need to do in this situation.
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    Yes...invitations have been sent.  Most people have booked a place to stay, but most condos and rental agencies are offering refunds if people choose to cancel. I'll check in with my planner. Thanks!
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    I'm attending a Destin beachside wedding on June 7th! I haven't heard a word from the bride and groom on if they're concerned at all but I know they are still going through with it as planned. My fiance (who is a GM in this wedding) is being debbie downer and convinced the water will be black and no swimming BUT no matter what we'll make the best of it. I feel sure that everything will be perfect on your weddind day!
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    The beaches are perfectly fine as of now.  Nothing is near the FL coast right now, so everything should be fine.

    I don't think you should cancel your wedding because of the oil spill.  Unless your having your wedding in the water, it's not going to affect you.  These areas are taking a hard hit right now because tourists are overreacting and cancelling their plans even though the FL beaches are just fine. 
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    I am getting married in Destin July 10.  Yes, the oil will be there, but it's too late now to be helped.  We have paid dowpayments to the vendors, people have scheduled their vacations around this. 
    My FI says it wont matter in the end, at the end of the day we will be married!

    We have reserved a pavillion for the entire day, invited people for the day to cook out, play, whatever.  i got a toy lawn sprinkler to cool people off, and our hotel across the street said we could bring guests to the pool (if the heat gets unbearable).
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    I am in Nov and worry too.   Think positive sweetie it will be OK!!
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