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small beach ceremony

for as long as i can remember i've just wanted a small beach ceremony with about 30 people and then to just call it a day. my fiancee and i have decided to do this, but then thought about how we should do something after for our guests instead of just leaving...seems kind of awkward.

After talking with family and friends, a common suggestion is to have a fire on the beach with a little bit of cookout food so the people we are closest to could just enjoy each other's company for awhile, and then we would leave. I'm not up for the whole traditional reception so this really sounded like a great idea to me. 

I'm just curious what all your thoughts are! Is this a good idea? Will guests like it? Or is it too different that it just will seem weird and breaking some kind of etiquette? 

Re: small beach ceremony

  • Honestly, that sounds awesome. My SIL had a backyard wedding, and my favorite part was at the end, when a lot of guests had left, and it was just the friends and young people hanging out by a bonfire and talking. It won't seem weird as long as your invites make it clear that it's not a formal reception (you might want to try etiquette boards for the proper wording.)

    It won't be breaking etiquette as long as guests know not to expect all the trimmings. I am a really low-key bride and this sounds fantastic to me.
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  • Speaking as a beach local - check into your regulations for the area you'll be in first. Lots of places do not allow bonfires on the beach! Many drive-up beaches will let you have a grill, but bonfires are usually off limits. :)

    That said, it's really common for people to go to a restaurant for their reception after a beach wedding rather than having a "big" reception somewhere, so that they can just have a nice dinner with their guests without all the dancing and fancy.

    From a personal note also - 30 folks is also kind of on the 'large' end for a beach wedding, so I would point that out ahead of time to any restaurant you might consider if you go that route -and make sure you make a reservation!

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  • We are planning a July 2011 beach wedding in Myrtle Beach, with between 25-30 people (all family) and only doing a ceremony. I was thinking about either a dinner cruise after or just a resturant for dinner, since my ceremony will be early evening, while it's still light out though.
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