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Where can I hide before the ceremony starts?

I'm having my ceremony on a rooftop terrace by the beach.  The only "entrance" I can come in up the back stairs which is 200 feet from the ceremony aisle.  I will have to walk and weave through the table settings which will already be set up for the reception.  I would prefer to be able to hide somewhere closer and make a grand entrance.  What can I use as a divider?  Because of wind concerns, pipe and drape has to be weighted and is expensive $800.  Ficus bushes could provide a little covering for $300-400.  Any other creative, inexpensive ideas that will hold up in the wind?

Re: Where can I hide before the ceremony starts?

  • Maybe you could find some really sturdy room dividers, or find a way to weigh them down.  They could add a decorative element while providing a place to hide.  The ficcus plants could be good as well.  You could drape them with lights or tulle to dress them up a bit.
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  • What about building a frame? I've made one of these, it was really super easy! You can hang a sheer or otherwise curtain from it?
    Then you weigh the base down with somthing, it would be hidden by the material?

  • I will have a similar issue at my wedding, which will be outdoors about 100 feet from the door of the building where I will be getting ready and where the reception will later be held. My question is, if you build a little area with screens or ficus or whatever where you can be hidden away, will you get yourself in there well before the ceremony starts and any guests arrive? Because if not, then won't they see you getting in there anyway?

    And if you are planning to go in there and hang out long before the ceremony starts, won't you get a little antsy? Would someone hang out with you?
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  • What about coming up from those back stairs, and hanging out in a limo, or a car with tinted windows?

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  • This seems very strange to me, to hide out somewhere, as I expect people will know you are there (dividers or plants), and you will have to be there really early (more than 30 minutes) to be there before the guests arrive, and that is a long time to hide out somewhere.

    Is it possible to move the tables so you don't have to wind through them, and just have a long processional song to walk you up to the aisle?  It would be long, and maybe "dramatic", but people would understand since presumably they walked up the same stairs to get to the ceremony site?

    If you go the hiding route, I like PPs ideas of a sturdy frame, weighed down with something and plants or foliage to make it look pretty.

  • I hid in one of those shade tents with sides on it.  You could use folding dressing doors as well.  You could also hang pretty linens and lace tablecloths (depending on the formality and colors of your event).
  • I am having a similar problem.... I am thinking about "hiding" out in the limo before the ceremony.
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  • I'm not sure about the layout of your ceremony site, but there were two trees close together adjacent to the long winding aisle at our outdoor site.  We nailed a pretty quilt to the trees and the bridal party stood behind that while waiting for the ceremony to start.  It was great because we were able to get up there once the guests had arrived without too much detection, and it served as a pretty decorative piece as well!
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  • why not just arrive right when the ceremony is due to start.  Like a horse carriage or limo?  That way you can still do your hiding out at your get ready spot and have a grand entrance
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