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Outdoor Wedding. Lots of land. Lots of weeds/grass...

We're getting married across the street from our house at a friend's house. They have 7 acres, but we live up on a hill and on a nature preserve in San Diego. Needless to say, there's a lot of land surrounding our ceremony site that is "self maintained".. or.. WEEDS. It's all on their property, but its just too much land to maintain all the time. There are bushes and "wildflower - looking" plants.. but my FI said those are weeds too. lol

We are getting married in March, and the area does get pretty green in the spring (and has actual wildflowers then).. but is there something I can do to help the area look better without overstepping? Is there an affordable option to covering a LARGE area with grass seed/more wildflowers/plants/bermuda grass/etc?

Thanks, Ladies!!!



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Re: Outdoor Wedding. Lots of land. Lots of weeds/grass...

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