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Casual Park Reception and Dancing?

I'm having my ceremony and reception in the same place which is a park by a lake. There is an indoor clubhouse that can be used but I was hoping to have it all outside weather permitting. The ceremony is at 3 pm in August (which is actually nice here in Oregon) and the reception is immediately following. The wedding is fairly small about 50 adults and 10 kids. We are grilling salmon, steaks and chicken with a buffet for salads, breads and sides.

My question is that since it will pretty much be light the whole time and will likely not go until later than 9 pm, should we have a dance floor? My friends and family keep asking about it but I just can't envision it. I plan on having background music on but not a dance area. There is a swim area and playground for kids and we plan on having frisbees and such.

What are you doing? Should I include dancing (I won't personally miss it but I want people to have fun)? And if so, how? Indoors?


Re: Casual Park Reception and Dancing?

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    I've been to afternoon weddings, and they have all had a DJ with some dancing. If it's outdoors, check into the regulations regarding sound volume. You can always play music at a medium volume, have a small dance floor, and a mix of older songs & new ones. Kids love to dance at weddings too!

    What is it that your family is interested in? Do they want one? Go with whatever your family thinks is best.

    Good luck.

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    For what you described, I wouldn't have a dance floor. Have upbeat background music and if people want to dance, they'll find a spot of grass or ground to do it on but I don't envision many people dancing at the kind of reception you describe.  It sounds good by the way!
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    Thanks! I will just have a contingency plan. I think I will have an area that can double as a dance floor inside. If people start getting antsy and talking about it, then I will have the music changed to dance music and lights set up just in case. If no one seems interested, then we can just let it go.

    We're not planning on a first dance or anything like that. I really don't like to dance unless I'm drunk and I really don't want to be drunk at my wedding. I just want to make sure that my guests can dance if they want to.
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