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outdoor wedding- cocktail hour food

I am having a budget, DIY, causal wedding. I have a question in regards to the amount of cocktail hour food. We are having the ceremony/reception same location in a friends back yard. we will just be going to the front of the property (LARGE PROPERTY) to take the photo's during the cocktail hour. I really do not see it lasting for 1 hour, but you never know and that is what I planned for. We have about 110 guests. I am having just a round table for the cocktail hour food do you think this will be enough....crackers/cheese, veg/dip, antipasta salad and like 15lbs of jumbo shrimp. I am worried people will be hungry and say to themselves "is that all she is serving" lol....what do you think I cannot afford to have butlered service should I add another item?? if so what
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Re: outdoor wedding- cocktail hour food

  • How much cheese &crackers, veggies, salad, etc... hard to answer without more info.  If there is enough of each definitely fine.  I don't think it’s necessary to add anything else, just make sure you have enough of everything.  Maybe do a few back-up trays and ask a friend if they will bring it out if one of the trays starts to look low.

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  • I think thats a nice selection but I would agree with ccarrion77 about having a backup tray or two just in case. We are going casual, budget friendly as well and we will be providing the cocktail hour food, that being said I think we will  have two tables on opposite sides of the bar. It seems like with over 100 guests that line might get long.... 

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  • Are you having dinner later? If so, I think this is fine. Always having a back-up of tray of the veggies doesn't hurt and it's pretty inexpensive. I'm doing something similiar for my outdoor reception.
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    We have like 3-4 or each tray from the catering company, they will be providing for the amount of people coming. Yes we will be having a buffet dinner later on. I just wanted to know if that was enough of a selection.
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  • I think your selection is fine. If you have a caterer, they always over-multiply as their reputation is on the line.
  • I think that is fine. People will know the 'real' food is coming later anyway (unles specifically stated that only cake or apps will be served), so no one wil complain. Don't worry.

    I am having the cremony in our back yard as well and the cocktail hour will be at the nearby ranch. I am setting up cheese and crackers, dips, various chips, etc for people to snack on as we take photos. Not sure where we are taking photos but I am hoping to mingle for about 15 minutes at the cocktail hour, go take photos and then meet guests at the reception. 
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