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help me please! need to finalize time for outdoor wedding

ok, we really really need to finalize a time so we can get the info to all our vendors.  i stressed out originally over which weekend to do it - either 10/2 or 9/25 and decided to move it a week earlier to have a slightly higher chance of warmer weather... and now i'm stressing over the time.  i'm thinking either 2-8 or 1-7.  my concern is that it's in the mountain area (poconos, pa) and that the sun will be setting around 6... and that once the sun goes down it might get chilly out.  but moving it earlier means getting ready earlier!!!  someone suggested that i could do 2-8 and if people want to leave early they can just do so... but still i don't want a mass exodus when i'm paying for all this time.  it's also a sunday.  but i've been to sunday weddings that end at 9 or so, so my concern is moreso the chill when the sun goes down.  of course, for all i know it could be 95 degrees and we'll be begging for the sun to go down. 

so wha'ts the better option??? 1-7 or 2-8????
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