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Tent Alternatives?

I'm having a backyard wedding, but I really just don't like the look of a tent. I want the sunshine and to be able to view the gorgeous surroundings. I also really like the look of a string of party lights surrounding everyone similar to the picture below. I'm having a fall weddiIng so I'm not concerned about heat, but there is always the threat of rain. I know I'm being picky and will end up with a tent. I was just wondering if anyone out there knew of any tent alternatives or ways to find an alternative on short notice.

Re: Tent Alternatives?

  • They're probably not cheap, but you can rent all-clear tents- have you looked into them?
  • No! That does sound like an idea! I just googled it and some of the pictures look amazing! Thanks!

  • We also really didn't want a tent and luckily weather didn't force us into having one.  Some rental companies will allow you to reserve a tent on very short notice. 

    Our caterer worked out an agreement with us where we could decide as late as the morning of the wedding day if we needed a tent.  If we had decided to get the tent it would have cost $1000 including setup, lighting, and a dance floor.
  • Check out the clear tents!!!  They are really awesome!
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