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casual pig roast wedding

help i'm looking for a place to hold a more casual wedding (pig roast), i don't want anything too formal or anything overly expensive because we have a huge guest list, i feel like i'm running into a wall trying to find a place to hole the wedding. any help? thank you!!!

Re: casual pig roast wedding

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    What about a local park, or someones backyard?  We did something similar a few years back for my brothers wedding, it turned out great. GL!~
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    Maybe check in with local butcher shops and see if anyone can smoke the pig whole.  I used to work at a butcher shop and we did this all the time (and that is what we are doing for our wedding).  Ask around, and see if they can order your market hog, slaughter, and roast the pig whole.  Then, you have a fully cooked pig that you can set out. Also, check and see if they can come and carve it up or if you want, section it up into pieces if the whole pig might make people queezy.  Then, you can have the reception anywhere they allow outside vendors to come!  Good luck!
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    Some campgrounds have cabins and/or covered gazebo or large gathering areas. Depending on how many people you're trying to accomodate that could work.
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