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Is it possible to have a nonbeachy waterfront wedding??

I'm a bit perplexed.  So many books/sites/planners tell you that your venue choice should help form the framework of your wedding, but can it go the other way?  I would like to have my wedding and reception at my dad's marina b/c, most importantly, it is free and the outdoor setting is beautiful.  My absolute fantasy wedding style is very Anthropologie-esque, however (I wouldn't mind getting married IN an Anthropologie store, actually...)  I'd like to create something as close to this as humanly possible: 


Very vintage/whimsical/DIY-ish, but nothing beachy/nautical...is it possible to have a waterfront wedding that's styled like it should be in a vinyard? 

Re: Is it possible to have a nonbeachy waterfront wedding??

  • Yes!! I am also getting married overlooking the water but not having a "beach theme" wedding. I love seashells etc, but I'm not putting them anywhere near my wedding day. Your scenery will be beautiful and I'm sure your decor will be as well! Good luck!
  • OF course you can get married ANYWHERE you desire!  I am getting married at a Yacht club down by the docks on the water.  Not only because it was free since my grandma is on the board but because it is beautiful.  Our wedding is in September and there is nothing more awesome than being along out river and enjoying it!  Good luck!  Go with what YOUR heart tells you to do!!!
  • I think you could do something like that for a waterfront wedding and it would be very pretty! You don't have to a beach themed wedding just because you're on the beach.
    I'm married!
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