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outside hanging mason jars..our inspiration photo.. Thoughts?


The task will begin this weekend. All mason jars are in and our LED tealights too!
Let the crafting begin

Re: outside hanging mason jars..our inspiration photo.. Thoughts?

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    What a great idea! Very pretty! Make sure to post pictures of your progress. I would love to feature it on my blog.
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    i will do that. I so hope it doesn't all turn out too :kitschy:...know what I mean? I am tackling the mason jars now...
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    we did this :)  our wedding is on saturday and we have over 300 mason jars.  half for lanterns and half for people to drink their signature cocktails out of!
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    we are doing this too. we got the flickering LED lights for the jars. also put colored sand in the bottoms to cover the plastic piece.
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    We are doing mason jars as well.  We have 3 different sizes on the receptions tables w/ different sized candles.  We put in sand in the big one and the clear gel in the smaller ones w/ red stones mixed in w/ the clear gel.  we are also using the mason jars to help line the aisle of our outside wedding...hanging them on shepard's hooks.
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    glad to hear we all love mason jars...Goodness, i hope i can sell them on craigslist after this is said and done. it would be awesome to be able to pay off the credit card with my sellables afterward..lol
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    I love the idea and am planning on using mason jars for flower in the ceremony and/or lights for the reception

    And to those who were looking to sell them, I know I was planning on asking around for some in time to prep for October 2011 so I'm sure you won't have trouble! Seems a popular idea lately
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    That would look so pretty :o)
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