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Diving Honeymoons?

So, my FH and I are looking for secluded honeymoon spots, that still offer stellar scuba diving.  Our budget is tight, about $3,000, give or take.  Airfare isn't a huge issue, since we each have a parent we can leech frequent flyer miles from.

We were looking in San Carlos, Mexico, the Bay Islands of Honduras (even though I've been there...), Cozumel, Belize...

Any ideas??

Re: Diving Honeymoons?

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    I see that you are getting married at the end of August. Have you thought about the Virgin Islands? We went to BVI I have a review of where we went in my bio but it was very expensive but there are some pics of what it looks like. Anyhow the couple other islands we went to were all major cruise ports and since cruise ships don't go down there in Aug they arn't as busy and you might be able to score some good deals on hotels. Just a though. I know there is a lot of diving down there.
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    although I have never been.  Belize is suppose to have amazing diving.

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    My fiance and I had looked up Hamanasi in Belize. It has packages that include diving depending on how many days you stay. It looks like an awesome place, just too quiet for us.
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    If paying for a flight isn't an issue, then I totally recommend Thailand. I got certified there 5 years ago, and it's still one of my favourite places.
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    Like pp said, if you're not paying for airfare, why not go somewhere you might not have the opportunity to visit later?  Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world, so the diving is supposed to be fantastic.  The Fijian dollar is weak in comparison to the USD, so I definitely think you could find great accommodations within your budget! 

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    My FI did a couple semesters of school on the island of Dominica in the West Indies.  They have incredible diving, but I"m not sure how much it would cost to honeymoon there.  I think the airfare would eat a good chunk of your budget, but I thought I would mention it in case you wanted to look into it.
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    Hamanasi looks great!  Not completely budget friendly, but my FH has a weird thing with blue holes, so that would be wonderful.

    I know we are leaning toward the Caribbean.  The guys we dive with (the owners of the shop have 10,000 dives between the two of them) say that if you can find a place to sleep, you can't really go wrong.

    The biggest problem we're having, is that a lot of places charge extra for each dive trip, so I guess we are interested mostly in resorts that are specific to diving, but still secluded.

    The two that are sticking out right now are Hamanasi, Belize and Utila, Honduras.
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